Words to Live By

What are the words with which you would like to describe yourself? What are the qualities of character that you want to be remembered for after a conversation with a friend, after a job interview, after time spent with a loved one, or after a lifetime? What is it that you most want to express?

These questions were recently given to me and when I considered them I saw that I could use these words as guides for my choices in any of my activities through the day. And in holding them as intentions for all my interactions with others I create connections with people and feel soul satisfying.

Here’s some words that come to my mind: vibrant, flowing, easeful, appreciative, wholehearted, attentive, inspiring, caring, generous, patient, kind, compassionate, playful, thoughtful, joyful, happy, loving – I think you can get the picture.

What if you dedicated this month of October to living and playing with the words you choose for your life guides?

About the author

Suzanne Kilkus

Suzanne Kilkus is a Soto Zen meditation practitioner and teacher and has practiced as a therapist and counselor for over three decades. She is dedicated to assisting people in expanding their capacity for giving and receiving love, and for recognizing and expressing their basic goodness in everyday life. Her path to live with wholehearted compassion and care is an invitation to everyone. She is a teacher with Open Door Zen Community in Madison, WI.