What have you done today that you’d like to be acknowledged for?

What have you done today that you’d like to be acknowledged for?

I received this question (along with four others) in an email recently. They are intended to spark meaningful contact between partners, family, friends, and even co-workers. I want to focus on this one here because it addresses a crucial need in close and essential relationships.

We all want to be acknowledged, to be seen and heard for who we are and what we do – what we bring to the table of life that makes a difference to those close to us. We need to also acknowledge others with sensitive awareness so that we can do our part in creating relationships of harmony and well-being. And we need to acknowledge ourselves – our goodness and our essential being in the flow of life. We can and do lose our way with giving and receiving acknowledgement, but we can always notice the reminders around us and step into action.

I notice the first signals of spring seem to trigger spontaneous acknowledgement of the delights of life. For example, my office window is right at the level of the ground. One morning a couple of weeks ago, I looked out and there were the first snow drops and the tiniest of daffodils just beginning to bloom about 2 feet away. My smile was spontaneous as was an “ahhhh” sound rising from my heart. I sent a thought of thanks to my landlord who had planted these first little harbingers of spring for me to enjoy.

Morning walks are an opportunity for noticing and acknowledging the return of the tree birds and water fowl. Right now I’m hearing a cardinal’s whistle and a chickadee’s chirp. I don’t ever want to take these for granted. They are my reminders to acknowledge what is precious in this life. I make a mental note to let my loved ones know that I see and hear them and how much they matter to me.

Suzanne Kilkus with her grandaughter GloAnd April is my birthday month. I have the great wonderful gift of sharing it with one of my granddaughters. To celebrate our family gathers for a party, to play, have good food and laugh doing silly things. On one of the cards I received was a photo of an older person doing a silly yoga move. So I got down on the floor and tried doing it and landed in the funniest position on my back. This started a round of the grandchildren twisting and spinning their little bodies with great delight. This kind of acknowledgement had my heart doing somersaults of joy. What more could a kid (and grandparent) want!!!! Acknowledgement and joy are the most nourishing ingredients of any celebration.

  • You might consider asking this question to someone in your life today and see what happens between you.
  • Ask it of yourself and treat yourself with kind attention.
  • Ask it of young ones and see their eyes light up.
  • Ask it daily and over time see if you notice a transformation occurring.