The power of vacating stagnant energy – who would have thought!

I spent part of my vacation just hanging around my house enjoying being open to whatever came up.  I wanted to mix things up a bit here, clear out some things no longer in use, and bring some new energy into our space.  My basement kept calling to me and I quickly understood why.  Used as a storage space for things needed occasionally I found many things we no longer used (like the baby equipment we acquired for our grandchildren’s infancy) and hauled them up and out of the house.

Art prints hanging on an unfinished wall

Now this wall has some energy!

Steve joined me in this clearing and shifting process and at the end of a couple of days we had shifted a couple of pieces of furniture, re-purposed some space creating a reading nook and art corner and we turned a wall in our garage into a “art” gallery with prints and pieces we had in storage demonstrating that as we progressed in this process of freeing energy our creativity start rising. (The wall, previously just a flat non-space, is now fun to look at and has us smile every time we see it.) In addition, I felt lighter, happier, and more energetic, new project ideas rose to the surface of my mind, and solutions to some challenges made themselves known.  These small changes were having a big impact on me.

I’ve noticed this response many times before when I’ve done this kind of task and it’s always intrigued me.  I’ve learned that as energetic beings we’re governed by the same laws of nature which demonstrate that stagnancy produces energy contraction and dampening, i.e., flowing water that gets backed up and stagnant with all the resultant outcomes.   Energy needs clear pathways to flow freely, so whenever I clear out, open up, or shift things in my space, energy starts flowing again, around me and within me.  Moving energy is vibrant energy. So it’s not only important to move our bodies to keep our energy vibrant and healthy, it’s important to move the energy in our living spaces.  And as we discovered again this past weekend just moving a piece of furniture from here to there or letting go of stuff no longer in use can make a great difference in mood, creativity, and satisfaction.  It can be that simple.

  • Are you feeling stuck in anyway in your life?
  • Do you want to tickle your creativity juices?
  • What small move can you make in your living space?
  • How can you make a small change that could have big impact?
  • May all you moves create vibrant energy, joy, and well-being.