Learning Curves

Just this morning I learned how to record an audio file and put it up in an email or any other place.  What a kick!  I tell myself that I’m technologically challenged, but I think that has just been an excuse to avoid feeling the the natural frustrations that come in the learning process (although, I didn’t feel any frustration with this…it was fun!)  Avoiding what we think will be unpleasant keeps us right where we are and voicing the same complaints when something doesn’t work.  How big a waste is that??!!!  When we want to have a certain kind of experience (with this it was to fulfil a request someone made of me) and we don’t know exactly how to do that, we put ourselves on a learning curve.  I’m finding that true with grandparenting – learning new ways to be with the little ones.  I also find that true with a number of aspects of growing older – needing to make adjustments in how I do some things.   How we approach our learning curves makes the difference between experiencing  life as an adventure or life as a back alley with dangers lurking in the shadows.

What learning curve are you on and what’s your attitude toward it?

By the way, below is the link to the audio file I created.  It is a 5 minute practice called “Basking in the Feelings”.  It might help you have more fun on your learning curve!