Changing the World One Communication at a Time.

I heard a friend say to a group of us this morning that “We change the World one communication at a time.” Could this statement be true? How could it be true? Does communication have that much power? What would I need to understand and practice in order to have the power to effect some positive change in the world?

While I’ve heard similar ideas before, hearing it this way struck a particular cord in me today. So I’ve been thinking about it and here’s what I’ve come up with….

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About the author

Suzanne Kilkus

Suzanne Kilkus is a Soto Zen meditation practitioner and teacher and has practiced as a therapist and counselor for over three decades. She is dedicated to assisting people in expanding their capacity for giving and receiving love, and for recognizing and expressing their basic goodness in everyday life. Her path to live with wholehearted compassion and care is an invitation to everyone. She is a teacher with Open Door Zen Community in Madison, WI.