A Beautiful Connection

Suzanne and I have been meditating together almost every morning for many years.  It is a constant connection we make with each other during our daily practice.  It does not get static.  It does not get old.  It remains a source of many new, interesting and refreshing insights into our lives with each other.  Here’s an example that happened just yesterday.

We have a meditation room in our house where we go to meditate or to find a quiet place for any number of reasons.  When we meditate, I sit in a comfortable high-backed chair and Suzanne will sit on the floor or on our futon on the other side of the room opposite my chair.  Yesterday we wanted to both listen to a guided meditation that Suzanne had on her iPod.  I moved across to sit next to her on the futon so we could both listen comfortably to the recording through our own earphones.

This was very different for me.  This was the first time that we had ever sat side by side during meditation at home.  We were close enough to each other that I gently moved my hand into contact with her thigh as we listened.  I was conscious of her warmth.  I felt a closer connection to her aliveness than I had ever felt before.  It was a direct flow of love between us.  I felt soothed, happy, and energized all at once. The feelings were delicious.  I savored the experience.

I opened my eyes once and noticed that we were both facing the window that looked out on the newly green trees out front and the blue sky beyond.  The joy that I felt at that moment was intensified by the luscious flow of energy that we were sharing in our practice.  I had an insight then and there that blew me away.

Suzanne and I are both inspired and delighted by the beauty in nature, especially when we see, hear, smell, and feel it in our everyday experiences right outside our front door.  We often note on our morning walk or bike ride through the shaded lanes along the shoreline of Lake Monona how lucky we are to live in such beauty here in Madison.  On mild quiet nights we are grateful for the beauty of the sunset and subsequent star-filled sky reflecting on the still waters of the lake.  How fortunate we are to be here together.  It feels right.  It feels good.

But yesterday morning sitting close beside Suzanne as we meditated together, I realized the connection between the beauty of nature and the beauty that is my relationship and connection with my soulmate.  I decided in that instant that it would be forever impossible to witness the beauty of the universe without seeing in my mind’s eye, heart and soul the beauty of my Suzanne.  Every time.  Ah, how wonderful!

FROM:  Steve Kilkus

About the author

Suzanne Kilkus

Suzanne Kilkus is a Soto Zen meditation practitioner and teacher and has practiced as a therapist and counselor for over three decades. She is dedicated to assisting people in expanding their capacity for giving and receiving love, and for recognizing and expressing their basic goodness in everyday life. Her path to live with wholehearted compassion and care is an invitation to everyone. She is a teacher with Open Door Zen Community in Madison, WI.